Siia is a tablet that aims to make the classroom more productive for teachers and more engaging for students. With its tightly integrated tools and custom designed interface for education, siia is the only tablet which provides tools for real time understanding of different aspects of the class as well as class management capabilities. These tools along with the pre-installed tablet applications provide a complete platform for schools that can help to save ICT costs.  

Siia’s unique benefits to schools can be summarised as :

  • Class management capabilities for the teachers that help them manage and organise their class
  • Instant understanding and insights into the class and and tools that help gauge students understanding
  • Powerful applications that enable utilisation of digital content available on the web and help teachers become more productive

Classroom Management

The tablet is personalised to the teachers schedule and will help them conduct class management related tasks more effectively. Class overviews allow for quick past and present attendance  checking  as well as remote insight into progress on students tablets.  Teachers will continue to maintain control of the classroom with remote restriction capabilities over students tablets through powerful tools in the home panel. These class management tools give the teachers powerful capabilities that help them become more productive.

Instant insight and understanding

The teacher can now gain insight into students understanding of topics when ever desired with powerful  two way communication tools on the siia tablet. Quick quiz helps the teacher ask questions and see results that show analytics on individual student understanding that helps towards individualising learning. The mood check tool is a two way feedback tool that asks the class for their mood in an anonymous way and helps the teacher understand the class’s overall sentiment.  Discussions on topics of interest can be had all through the tablet  saving time and effort for the teacher. 

Learning With Online Content

Siia is not just an application but the complete tablet system. When you boot the tablet and login, the experience is designed for use in the classroom. This means sharing online content to the class is directly integrated into the siia platform and makes siia a powerful platform for discovering new ways to teach students. Students stay focused on the content through security features which limit their ability to access only what is directed. 


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